Exchanges and Returns

Ammi wishes you satisfaction when making purchases on our online store. For this, we created an Exchange and Return Policy with respect to your needs and based on the Consumer Protection Code.

These conditions make up the contracting clauses by adhesion that you, the consumer, grant acknowledgment and acceptance to carry out your purchases. The purchase is made in full compliance with the present rules.

It is important to note that you must immediately refuse to receive your product if:

- The product packaging is broken;
- The product malfunctions;
- Order in disagreement with what was requested in e-commerce.

Ammi cannot be held responsible if your order is received without the above conferences.

In case of incorrect registration of the delivery address at the time of purchase by the customer, the product will be automatically returned by the Post Office to our Central. In this case, the customer is responsible for paying the freight cost again.

We do not perform settlement exchanges.

Exchanges and returns of bikinis will only be allowed with the sending of both pieces, bra and panties, even when it is to exchange only one of the pieces.

Any and all return process must be communicated to the e-commerce team according to the criteria listed in this exchange policy.

Products purchased at the Online Store can only be exchanged through the website or at the physical headquarters located in the city of Porto Alegre. Exchanges must be requested by e-mail, according to the following criteria:



The following conditions must be respected:
- When the defect is apparent, the product cannot show signs of use and / or washing, and must be in perfect condition and with the label affixed. The merchandise will be analyzed by the responsible team and, within 30 (thirty) consecutive days, a diagnosis will be presented. The parties may mutually adjust the extension of this period.

To request exchange analysis send a message to, with the subject “PRODUCT EXCHANGE”.



The exchange must be made within a maximum of 7 (seven) consecutive days, after receipt of the exchange. Applications received after this period will not be accepted.

The product must be in perfect condition, showing no signs of use and / or washing, adjustments (hems, dents, etc.), with affixed labels and original packaging.

For the exchange to take place, send an e-mail informing the order number and reason for the exchange to with the subject “PRODUCT EXCHANGE”.

The exchange cannot be made without the invoice, it must be sent together with the goods.

You can exchange your purchase for any other product on the site. If you prefer, you can keep a credit in your account on the website, to use in a next purchase. The credit has a term of up to 30 days.



The withdrawal of a purchase can be made in a maximum of 7 (seven) consecutive days, counted from the receipt of the goods. The product cannot necessarily show signs of use and / or washing, it must be in perfect condition and with the internal label affixed.

The execution of the purchase return procedures must be done exclusively by e-mail .br informing the order number and reason, it is not possible to effect the withdrawal when the purchase is made at the fixed headquarters in Porto Alegre. The subject of the email should be “PRODUCT RETURN”.

No refund will be made to a third party bank account.



- If the product does not comply with the conditions described in this Exchange Policy, Ammi will immediately return the product, without prior notice, with the consumer being solely responsible for the postage.

- Freight expenses will be refunded in case of return of the purchase due to regret (within the deadline) and exchange for defective product.

- In case of dissatisfaction, Ammi is not responsible for the cost of the exchange freight.

- Exchanges and / or returns will not be accepted without prior notice to the email, they will be automatically returned to the recipient.

In case of doubt please contact the e-mail



- Ammi offers credit to your online store account to be used for future purchases. The credit has a term of up to 30 days.


- Refund on the same credit card used. Bearing in mind that credit card operators can take up to two invoices subsequent to the month of requesting the chargeback to make the credit. The refund request must be made within 7 days after receiving the product.



- The products will only be exchanged with the tags, seals and hygienic adhesives intact (in the pieces of the beach line), unless a manufacturing defect is found by a technical report from the exchange analysis team;

- Ammi exempts itself from exchanging or repairing any merchandise when it is proven in the technical report that the defects alleged were due to improper use;

- Under no circumstances will products received by the consumer be received (adjustment of cuffs, hem, etc.) and it is not even possible to use the legal option of withdrawal.

- you must send the invoice that was sent with the order.

-DANFE (Auxiliary Document of Electronic Invoice), which you received with the order must be placed in the box that will be sent.

- Remembering that for exchange or return of bikini we need to receive the set.

- We do not reserve products for exchanges.


To return your order, simply follow the procedures below:

- The product must be in the same condition as it was delivered, with the original label and packaging / seal and all accessories.

Warning: It is not possible to combine returns for different orders in a single shipment. Each returned order must be delivered separately to Correios, with the postage code associated with the return.



Upon receipt, the process of checking returned products begins within a period of up to 20 calendar days.

After this period, you will receive another email confirming the progress of your refund or exchange.

The refund of the amount will be made through a refund of the amount on the credit card used in the purchase, within fifteen business days after the conference, and can be viewed on up to two subsequent invoices.