Delivery times

It is with great pride and love that the Ammi brand comes to inform our dear customers, that this website was created to facilitate the online shopping of everyone in our store.

In order for this to happen so as not to cause losses to any customer, we created our own Delivery Policy, because they are pieces made by hand, and because they are exclusive, produced in small quantities and handcrafted.

The delivery time for bikinis, swimsuits and croppeds, will depend on the availability of our stock, which may occur between 2 (two) and up to 5 (five) business days).

The delivery period for long dresses, skirts and sets will also depend on availability in stock, and may occur between 2 (two) and 7 (seven) business days. 
These conditions make up the contracting clauses by adhesion that you, the consumer, grant acknowledgment and acceptance to carry out your purchases. The purchase is made in full compliance with the present rules.