Size Chart

Ammi has the exclusivity you deserve... 
Because we value the satisfaction of all our customers and because we know that each woman is unique, with different beauties and bodies, Ammi has created 9 different measures so that at the time of your purchase there is no doubt whether that piece you loved so much will fit or not , after all, we want you to be 100% satisfied when your pieces reach you. 
First you will need to know your measurements (they don't have to be exact), but only for you to base yourself on the size which should be chosen. 
After deciding your size, select the option that corresponds to your height, in centimeters. 
That's it... if you still have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us by whatsapp: 051999400915
Measurement table (cm)
Bust Waist Hip
PP 80-83 58-61 85-89
FOR 84-86 62-65 90-94
M 87-90 66-72 95-100
G 91-95 73-80 101-107
GG  96-105 81-90 108-115