Who we are


Ammi is a Brazilian company founded on December 5, 2016. We operate in the beachwear segment and we are already the largest crochet fashion company in Rio Grande do Sul.

Since the beginning, the company has stood out in the sector for having created a concept of beach fashion and not only producing bikinis, creating luxurious looks to be used at any time of the day or night.

The production is all done by hand, and the lines used in bikinis and bathing suits have lycra®, unlike any other type of crochet on the market.

Ammi uses lines and trims of the highest technology and quality and our models have the exclusivity you deserve. With all the quality and passion we have to produce our products, our company is today an international reference in crochet trends.

With each collection we present new models and we are always innovating and seeking more technological development.

In these two years, Ammi, with its perfect modeling, its strict quality control and the fashion information presented, has become a reference for the fashion world and has established a unique quality standard in the beachwear industry.

Our successful trajectory has just begun and our products can now be purchased internationally, with sales in Italy, Spain and Mexico.

Enjoy and embark you also with Ammi on this exclusive journey ...

Thank you for your preference.

With love, Ammi.